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About Louise

Clinical Aromatherapist

Hi I’m Louise - educator, holistic therapist and general wellness warrior. The use of plant materials as medicine has been around for centuries and as a clinical aromatherapist I harness the use of essential oils to bring balance to our everyday lives and to help maintain health.


My passion is sharing my knowledge and expertise to help people make informed decisions on how to detoxify their life and improve their own and their families overall health. Bringing the safe and controlled use of essential oils to homes to enhance well being and lifestyle is my drive after having found aromatherapy to help my manage so many symptoms I had from stress to skin conditions.

My first experience of aromatherapy was as a teenager suffering with eczema flare ups and being introduced to chamomile water. I was totally inspired and then went on to train under the pioneers of aromatherapy within the UK and have now been practising as a clinical aromatherapist for 8 years. I have journeyed around the world meeting artisan distillers particularly in France and now teach diplomas and CPD courses in academies across the midlands and run workshops.

In the fast paced lifestyle we have it is more important than ever to give ourselves space to be and rest our body and mind which in turn creates a more harmonious and productive you. My mission is to help everyone create a more balanced lifestyle through my years of combined expertise and training.

I grew up submerged in nature and still spend much of my free time out walking my dog with my family, travelling and when at home I’m often gardening and growing vegetables. Its all about the power of plants and nature!


Why Aromatherapy?

It can help with


Many culinary spices and herbs we use in the kitchen are also available as essential oils and work similarly.


Essential oils work on a molecular level via the blood stream helping with the bodies immunity


Massage boosts circulation, pushing the body’s lymph fluid which is full of toxins and waste around to eventually be excreted


Essential oils work on the limbic system in the brain via our noses olfactory system which is why they can have such an instantaneous effect on mood.


The part of the brain where pain is received is the same part that essential oils influence

Sleep Quality

Many essential oils work directly on slowing down the central nervous system which can help lead to a better nights sleep


"Louise made me feel so welcome, she really offered a bespoke service. I went in feeling stressed and in pain and came out feeling so relaxed. I will definitely make this a regular treat. Warm and comforting surroundings and perfect hospitality"