Authentic aromatherapy treatments

carried out from the heart

All treatment times include consultation

  • A perfect treatment to help heal physical and emotional upset

    1 hr

    38 British pounds
  • My popular aromatic stressbusting treatment

    40 min

    27.50 British pounds
  • A treatment done on the feet that treats the whole body

    55 min

    30 British pounds
  • Pure indulgence for those looking for the best aromatic experience

    1 hr 15 min

    50 British pounds
  • A supreme treatment including both the back and face

    50 min

    30 British pounds
  • Warm shells and expert massage moves to work deep into tired muscles

    1 hr

    48 British pounds
  • Relaxing to the mind and renewing to the Face

    1 hr

    39 British pounds
  • A sleep promoting fusion of top and tail of the body

    50 min

    32 British pounds
  • Ideal treatment pre flight or for allergy or cold/flu flare ups

    45 min

    27.50 British pounds