Using the Tree Oils against Viruses

Has it ever struck you that the oils that seem to help us breathe are the oils that are taken from the trees and leaves? These are also the part of the plant responsible for breathing in photosynthesis. With the threat of COVID-19 these oils are a great choice for burning to keep bugs at bay.

You often find forests of trees belonging to the Pinaceae family in the upper northern hemisphere where the cooler temperatures and harsher winters find immune systems lower and coughs and colds more rife.

Pine needle oil (Pinus Sylvestris) is already used in pharmaceutical preparations for cough and cold medicines, vapourising fluids and nasal decongestants and analgesic ointments. On an energetic level pine is incredibly clearing to a space.

There is a reason that many cleaning products on the market are pine scented, traditionally we used them to cleanse our homes and atmosphere. Pine essential oil is a great one to diffuse with the threat of corona virus all around us for cleansing the air, being anti-viral and anti-microbial as well as it’s pleasant scent.

Silver Fir oil (Abies alba) has been used by native American Indians for medicinal and religious purposes for centuries and is recommended for catarrhal illness of the upper and lower respiratory tracts. It is cited as being anti septic, expectorant and stimulating it is a monoterpene rich oil so a fairly safe oil to diffuse in households with children and pets.

Black Spruce Essential Oil (Picea Mariana) is rich in monoterpenes so the same applies regarding its versatility and being diffused. It is the high content of terpenes that give this oil its anti-inflammatory and analgesic, mucolytic & respiratory therapeutic effects. Black Spruce Essential Oil is antiseptic and expectorant and therefore is ideally used for many respiratory issues.

Eucalyptus while belonging to the myrataceae family has a host of respiratory benefits, there are many species out there but Eucalyptus radiata is my favourite. The aborigines fumigated people by fumigating eucalyptus for the relief of fever. Balacs suggested that during a infection with a cold virus the nasal and lower respiratory passages restrict the air pf passages to the lungs but that eucalyptus oil acts as a Broncho dilator and can increase the lungs surface area to help promote good breathing. He also conducted research that showed inhalations with the oil can significantly improve respiratory function.


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