Using Aromatherapy for Cleansing

All living things are comprised of energy; energy and vibrations make up everything that is in the universe. We are radiating energy all the time, and so is everyone else. The tiniest matter known to man is the atom and this is made from energy, everything is made up of atoms therefore everything is energy.

We are all open to these energies. As a therapist or anyone in fact can take on the energies of a client or someone they interact with. We need tools to prevent us taking on too much negativity. A good analogy is that of First Aid where we are told that although we help others but we do not put ourselves at risk, and to give effective help we have to be able to function fully.

Essential oils are living things with an energy of their own - the ‘life force’ of the plant. “In my opinion, the spirit of a plant (its energy) lives on in its synergy and it is this special and unique mix of natural chemicals - which no human has been able to put together – which gives an essential oil its subtle, invisible, intangible, vibrant quality” – Shirley Price.

It is important to use pure unadulterated oils otherwise the life force of the plant will not be present. Synthetic or inorganic substances do not contain any ‘life force’ as they have not naturally developed it. Everything is made of chemicals, but organic substances like essential oils have a structure that only Mother Nature can put together.

Cleansing ourselves before:

Massage a little Vetiver anticlockwise around the navel, this helps to prevent absorbing unwanted energy or Frankincense smoothed around the aura will work the same way. Rosemary tones yang energy, promotes circulation of q. Qi (pronounched chi) is the bodies life force energy / life breath.

Cleansing ourselves after:

After treating or being with someone with a negative energy use oils that are grounding and strengthening. Cypress purifies the energy field, raises energy levels and creates feelings of security by grounding. Cedarwood cleanses and purifies the body, skin and the environment from all negativity and stagnation it harmonizes and stabilises unbalanced energies.

Cleansing a room can be a useful thing to do if there has been conflict or any tip of negative energy taken place there. Frankincense cleanses the body, aura, psychic planes and environment removing all negative influences. It will clear any bad feeling left in the air or room from an upset client or friend especially for clearing very deep set emotions left behind.

How to cleanse a room:

When walking into a room with negative energy you can clap away with a couple of drops of essential oils in your palms or use the popular smudge sticks or incense. If you prefer less of a scent then hydrolats can be carried around and used as a quick fix solution. Spraying rooms, yourselves and even pets or burn oils in the diffuser.

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