The importance of a thorough consultation

When new clients come to me they are often surprised at how in depth my consultation is especially if they have had minimal questions asked whenever they have had treatments elsewhere before. It can feel intrusive but there are valid reasons for why I ask about so many aspects of someone’s lifestyle. It is a joint decision that I come to with a client as to how often they should come, what treatments for and discuss other things that could benefit them such as yoga, meditation or walking.

The first consultation will always be the longest as I need to get an overall picture of the clients health both mentally and physically, I need check whether any medications are taken in case they might interact with any essential oils or if there are any allergies present so my bespoke blend doesn’t include anything that can potentially create a reaction.

It’s important to know what the client’s expectations are in terms of scent preferences, pressure and what their aims are for the treatment for example anxiety, stress management or to address muscle tension. Aromatherapy can be used for both emotional and physical ailments or both so it is important for me to gage this information from my client. This information can change on every treatment so I do always check in at the beginning of every subsequent treatment too. As a therapist I am here to help you manage your life stresses as they change that’s why my aromatherapy blend changes on every treatment.

A client needs to consent to treatment to meet my insurance requirements and also as I am a member of professional bodies it is essential that I conduct thorough consultation. I also use my consultations to evaluate my techniques and tools I am using with a client so that they are getting the best possible treatment from me that suits their requirements.

Next time you go for a treatment then maybe ask them why they aren’t asking you the questions rather than question those of use that do as we are doing it to create the safest and most effective treatment for you.

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