Festive Focus - Clove Essential Oil

As Christmas draws near some essential oils are more appealing than others - I love Clove in the winter! It has a sweet, spicy, woody fragrance that suits the cooler and damper time of year.

Traditionally Clove was used in Chinese and Indian medicine for pulmonary disease, skin infection, athlete’s foot and digestive upsets, including bad breath and toothache. There are documents showing its use in dentistry in the UK before our modern day anaesthetics and pain relief were invented.

Clove is exceptionally antiseptic – up to 24 times more powerful than carbolic and anti everything so it is great to have in the diffuser this time of year to help keep bugs at bay. The essential oils is also good for the respiratory & digestive systems, warming to the muscles and good for nervous fatigue.

Being composed of mainly eugeonol is where the strength of clove comes from – years ago they used it as a preservative to stop food from spoiling. Now various studies show eugenol can fight bacteria including a variety of candida strains and that it is a very powerful fat-soluble antioxidant, inhibiting the accumulation of fat peroxide products in red blood cells and maintaining the activities of the body’s antioxidant enzymes at normal levels. Other preliminary studies show that eugenol protects against cardiovascular disease by inhibiting the aggregation (abnormal clotting) of platelets.

Perhaps more interestingly the oil is great on an emotional level, Clove is the oil of boundaries.

It supports individuals in letting go of victim mentality or victims feel overly influenced by other people and the outside circumstances. Clove helps individuals to stand up for themselves, be proactive, and feel capable of making their own decisions, regardless of others’ opinions.

It gives individuals the courage to say “no” and insists individuals to live true to themselves.

When I look at both the physical and emotional benefits I understand why it is known as a festive oil, it really addresses the needs we have at the busy and demanding time of year. More people need to say "no" to stop the burn out that frequently comes with Christmas.


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