Essential Oils for each lunar cycle

In a previous blog I wrote about how the moon cycles can affect us as human beings and there is now a huge amount of people living by the movements of the moon also known as lunar living. Even today professionals make remarks on the moon’s position with police and paramedics linking full moons to a rise in aggressive behaviour among drinkers. The word lunatic comes from Latin luna ‘moon’ (from the belief that changes of the moon caused intermittent insanity).

There are 8 phases to a full lunar cycle which takes about 29 days with the peaks being the new moon and full moon.

If you want to start working with the moon phases then I recommend purchasing a lunar focused diary or mark down new moons/full moons and phases into your existing diary or if you are online a lot you can follow people and trends on social media so you can be aware of what is going on. Another way if you have space where you live is to create a sacred space / altar where you can manifest and meditate without interruption. Crystals, herbs and oils can all be part of this.

The first phase to start is the new moon phase which is the most fertile time of the month. This is a great time to plant seeds you want to sprout… to make wishes, and set intentions. In bio dynamic gardening this would be the time to sow above ground plants. The new moon is a time for manifesting what you want to achieve whether that is a work-based goal or something small such as sorting out a cupboard. Ravensara is a nerve tonic that can be used to revitalise people suffering from physical and mental fatigue allowing concentration on creating goals. The oil uplifts the mind and allows the mind to be less attracted towards negative thoughts which means you can manifest your true desires without doubting yourself.

The next phase is the crescent moon which occurs from 3.5 – 7 days after the new moon. Energetically it’s the time to really go for it on working on the vision you created at the new moon and attracting it into your life. Rosemary Essential Oil is ideal to use at this time as it can help with focus and poor concentration and has a stimulating effect on the mind particularly the CNS (why it became the herb of remembrance).

The third phase is the first quarter moon is 7 – 10.5 days after the new moon and the halfway point between the new and full moon. Doubt can creep in at this time and even crises can arise. It is a test of your commitment to your new moon wishes. Are they viable and are they worth your energy or do you need to work harder to manifest them? Coriander Seed strengthens courage and willpower and promotes creativity. It can be used to help a person honour their own needs and boundaries with more flexibility for the way in which things should be done. It may also help a person who feels controlled by others or by their own demands for perfection or conformity, and helps then to let go of approval from others.

The fourth phase is the gibbous moon. Gibbous means ‘bulging’ and this phase which comes 10.5 – 15 days after the new moon is where we can feel a lot of emotion. It is as if we cannot hold in emotions as well during this phase. Yarrow is cooling and drying so is recommended for inflammatory emotions such as stress, anxiety, rage. It is most useful for people whose feelings of anger and rage are linked to vulnerability and emotional wounds.

The next phase is the full moon, coming 15 – 18.5 days after new moon when the sun and moon are exactly opposite each other. Known as the climax of the lunar cycle it is like an emotional explosion. Emotions are often heightened at the time of the full moon (from anger to upset), and sleep disturbed. The full moon offers an opportunity to wipe the slate clean. To forgive people who have wronged you, and to apologise to those you have hurt too. It’s a great time for reflection and release. For cutting ties, and letting go of any negativity. This can be such a cathartic exercise to do and great for mental health. Lavender Essential oil is ester rich which are balancing helping to bring harmony to and soothe the emotions and can also help with sleep issues. Holmes says the oil can relieve irritability and that lavender can help a person reach deeper states of meditation which in turn can help with surrendering and releasing. (Studies have shown it depresses the CNS).

The sixth phase is the disseminating moon occurring 3.5 – 7 days after the full moon. Disseminate means to spread information, knowledge, opinions widely. Semin- derives from the Latin word for seed; the idea with disseminate is that information travels like seeds sown by a farmer. This is a time to breathe and reflect. Niaouli is said to drastically help while meditating as it can stimulate and revive your senses while taking you to a higher level. The oil provides an uplifting mood to your emotional spirits and it also boosts your memory and concentration levels since it induces feelings of relaxation, calm and tranquillity in your soul.

The third quarter moon is the seventh phase occurring from 7 – 10.5 days after the full moon this phase is a time to meditate more and keep processing. Keep positive and ask questions such as what are you learning and what is life showing you? Pine oil instils positivity and restores self-confidence replacing guilt with forgiveness and self-acceptance. It is a symbol of endurance & strength and the oil is said to awaken one’s spirit.

The final phase before coming back to the new moon is the balsamic moon which starts roughly 10.5 days after the full moon and continues to the beginning of the new moon. It is the dark time of the lunar cycle when we need to retreat. Balsamic means healing / yielding so use this time to slow down and fortify ourselves before heading into the brightness & business of the new moon. Vetiver can help achieve deep meditative states and help disperse tunnel vision. It is a very grounding oil that also allows wisdom and more visionary ability.

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